About  Us

We are hot yoga & pilates studio - Let us get your sizzle on

Teaching is a form of art.

It takes time, blending the colors of practice and knowledge. It takes patience, we see each student and their unique set of skills. One glove doesn't fit all, one instruction does not fit everybody. 

The ethos of Infinity is “Be your real self so the universe can find you” Danielle LaPorte

Infinity Yoga in Merchant City was created by Colette Ward, an established yoga/pilates teacher with over 18 years of teaching experience. Our selected crew of teachers are always encouraging, nurturing and enthusiastic. Colette, James, Jamie,  Lola, Steph & Sarah are devoted to your practice and the time you spend with us.

We have many different flavors for your practice in the yoga Glasgow vibe. The home of Yin, Vinyasa, Bikram,  Absolute, Forrest, Power, Hatha Raja, and Purna Yoga. We launched the original Hot Pilates back in 2013.

Colette is registered with Yoga Alliance UK and a Senior Teacher/Trainer, Infinity Integrated Teacher Training courses 200hrs/Advanced Training/Mentorship alongside CPD weekends and events and retreat very soon!