*Please bring your own mat for practice. Mats will be provided for all beginner packages/yin/workshops.

*Booking is required for 7am by 7pm the previous evening/booking via Mindbody app also available
*Please note all BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY classes are 10am and 6.15pm only. 


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

 Rise & Flow 60

  Rise & Flow 60   Rise & Flow 60    
10:00am Hot Moksha 90 Freeflow 75

Hot A 90

Hot Pilates 75 Hot Moksha 75 Hot 60 Yin to Vinyasa 90
12:30pm Flow 45 Flow 45 Pilates 45 Flow 45 Pilates 45    
14:00pm             Vinyasa to Restorative 90
16:00pm           Yin 90  
18:15pm Hotflow 90  Hot Moksha 75 Foundations 75 Hot A 75 Freeflow 60    
20:00pm Hot A 60 Hot Pilates 60 Yin 60 Ghosh Flow 60      

Class Types

Rise & Flow - Non-heated

Rise to your morning, rise to your day. From sun salutations to big expectations. We begin our day open minded to flow through our day.

Hot A

A blend of Ashtanga, classical hot yoga & Iyengar. A perfect beginners class as you learn the power of foundation and alignment. A sequence class allowing intermedaite students to develop thier moving meditation. Rise to your personnal challenge.

Hot Flow 

A traditional system composed of a series of postures linked together by each breath to create a powerful vigious flow. The practice combines breath, focus and a flow of postures to create a moving meditation. Intermediate class NOT suitable for beginners.

Hot Moksha 

Perfect for every level of student. Builds a firm foundation with emphasis on alignment and breathing. An introduction to flowing movements, inspiration and freedom/liberation.

Hot Pilates

This class allows you to have fun in the heat with your core stability muscles.

Hot 60

Classical Hot practice, from hot a to hot moksha. Liberate yourself!


The original 'Quiet Practice'. We balance our Yang practice through Yin. It's focus falls on our facia - Ligaments/Tendons. It enhances our flexibility and relaxation. When we clear physical clutter, we clear our minds.


This class aims to correct/improve posture by strengthening the weaker muscle groups and lengthening the overused muscles in your body. Perfect for beginners.

Yin to Vinyasa

Sunday just got even better. Quietly the Yin asanas allow us peace, space & time to follow our natual breath. This then moves into flowing vinyasa style practice.


All we ask is you have a open-mind to your class & a fantastic sense of humour.

Foundations - Themed Class

Building foundations allows us the ability to find centre for more challenging practice. The class focuses on longer holds & deeper breath control. Pranayama & bandhas, mudras and longer shavasana.


Open style class. Perfect lunchtime practice to re-centre your mind for the rest of the day.

Ghosh Flow

Bishnu Ghosh the younger brother of Paramahansa Yogananda believed the root of dis-harmony lay in stress. Spinal health was the key to his sequences and practice. The Ghosh flow works on spinal health, strength and flexibility for mental clarity and balance.

Vinyasa to Restorative

Vinyasa which also means arranging something in a special way, coordinates movement and breath from one pose to another. Allowing us to then blend passive asanas enabling the body to work with the force of gravity to aid relaxation.