*Please bring your own mat for practice.  Mats will be provided for all beginner packages/yin/workshops.

*Booking is required for 7 am by 9 pm the previous evening/booking via Mindbody app also available
*Please note all BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY classes are 10 am and 6.15 pm only. 


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Morning Mantra 60

  Morning Mantra 60   Morning Mantra 60    
10:00am Hot A 90 Warm Vinyasa 75

Hot Yoga 90

Warm Vinyasa 75 Hot Moksha 90 Hot Yoga Blend 75 Yin to Vinyasa 90
12:30pm     Pilates 45   Pilates 45    
16:00pm           Yin 90  
18:15pm Hot Moksha 75 Hot A 75 Hot Yoga 75      Hot  Moksha 75

Warm  Vinyasa 60

20:00pm Warm Vinyasa 60 Hot Pilates 60 Yin 75 Warm Vinyasa 60      


Class Types

Morning Mantra

Rise to your morning, rise to your day. From sun salutations to big expectations. We begin open-minded to flow through our day. This non-heated class is all-embracing, as you work immersed with your best deep breathing you generate your own heat. Setting an intention for your practice each Mantra Morning...

Hot A

A blend of Ashtanga, hot yoga & Iyengar. A perfect beginner's class as you learn the power of foundation and alignment, which is essential in building a strong grounded practice. A sequenced class allowing intermediate students to develop their moving meditation, allowing beginners to rise to a personal challenge.

Hot Flow 

Revamp not only your attitude but also your body! Inspired by Byron Baptise it includes warrior sequences, deep twists & balance. Some classes may even include upper body strengtheners such as arm balances. We will reach 100% of you. Time to sweat, smile and repeat. Please note this class is NOT SUITABLE for a beginner student - don't worry beginners we have another option for you.

Hot Moksha 

The Sanskrit word for liberation is MOKSHA (Mock-sha) This class is for every level of students. Beginning with pranayama awareness systematically joints are opens and muscles lengthened. The heat is reduced as VINYASA (flow with the breath) generates your natural heat. Teachers focus and emphasis on alignment and energy. An introduction to linking each movement, inspirational, and freedom.

Hot Pilates

This class allows you to have fun in the heat with your core stability and torso muscles. We began the ORIGINAL hot pilates in 2013. "The way you handle sweat is the way you handle your life."   The six essential pilates principles are centering concentration, control, precision, audible breath and flow. Using these 6 principles a mind-body-spirit connection is developed.

Hot Yoga/Hot Yoga Blend

Hot Yoga is a perfect form of internal work for the body and mind. It resonates "challenge" & "change". At Infinity we go Beyond, each Hot Yoga will have the added spice of AP (Advanced Poses).  Each class will be slightly different. Paramahansa Yogananda believed the root of dis-harmony lay in stress.  The flow works on spinal health, strength, and flexibility for mental clarity and balance., suitable for all levels of a student. 


The original 'Quiet Practice'.  Yin Yoga is a slow-paced passive practice with its roots being in a Taoist background. The postures are held for a longer period of time anything from 3-10 mins. Its focus falls on our fascia (connective tissue) - Ligaments/Tendons. It enhances our flexibility and relaxation. When we clear physical clutter, we clear our minds. Deepen your practice - brighten your day. 


This lunch-time class aims to correct/improve posture by strengthening the weaker muscle groups and lengthening the overused muscles in your body. Perfect for beginners.

Yin to Vinyasa

Sunday just got even better. That's why I'm easy, easy like Sunday mornings....

This class is a blend of 45min Yin asanas allowing us peace, space & time, it then moves into a flowing 45min vinyasa practice. We have designed this class to be blissful.

Freeflow/Warm Vinyasa

All we ask of you, an open mind to your class & a fantastic sense of humour. With each teacher having their own passions for practice we approach this class with specific themes.