Summer '18  Class Schedule

10am classes are 90 mins
12.30 classes are 45 mins
7am, 6.15pm and 8:15pm classes are 60 mins
Yin Yoga is 90 mins 
Sunday 4pm classes are 90 mins

*Booking is required for 7am by 7pm the previous evening.
*Please note all BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY classes are 10am and 6.15pm only. 


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
07:00am  Rise and Flow*   Rise and Flow*   Rise and Flow*    
10:00am Hot 2   Hot 1 Hot Yoga Hot Moksha Hot 1 Plus 60 Yin to Vinyasa
12:30pm Hatha 45 Hatha 45 Pilates 45  Hatha 45 Pilates 45    
04:00pm           Yin Yoga  
06:15pm Dynamic Flow Hot Moksha Vinyasa 1 Grounding Hot 1 Plus Free Flow    
07:30pm Vinyasa 2  Hot Core Pilates Yin Yoga Vinyasa 1      

Class Types

Hot A

A blend of Ashtanga and Bikram created by Absolute Yoga Thailand, combining standing and floor postures. Suitable for all levels.

Hot 26

From your bones to your skin...the original hot sequence. 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.

Hot Blast

A 60 minute hot yoga sequence including standing and floor postures.

Hot Flow and Vinyasa Style

A traditional system composed of a series of postures linked together to create a powerful vigious flow. The practice combines breath, Energy locks, focus and a flow of postures to create a moving meditation.


A quiet practice originating in the east via the disciplines of Kung-Fu. This class will improve your flexibility and concentration. You will focus on ligaments and tendons to open and relieve muscular tension and stress.


A non heated class. Each week we will focus on a different area of the body. For example, hips/spine/core.


This class aims to correct/improve posture by strengthening the weaker muscle groups and lengthening the overused muscles in your body.

Hot Pilates

Intermediate level, not suitable for beginners.

Yin to Vinyasa

A non-heated Vinyasa/ restorative style class. To flow withthe breath & finish in stillness


Moksha another heated practice, Perfect for every level of student. Builds a firm foundation with emphasis on alignment and breathing. An introduction to flowing movements, inspiration and freedom/liberation.