“Our teacher training courses have met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals.”



2020 Infinity Integrated Syllabus

1.0  Name of Course + SYT 

Infinity Integrated Teacher Training commences 2020  - The Science of Living & Therapeutics

1.1  Course Description

This foundational course combines the qualities of  Hatha Vinyasa Krama/Restorative Yoga allowing versatility in teaching styles.

1.2  Course Objective

At Infinity Integrated we are committed to building authentic leaders who can powerfully teach and hold the space for their students. Trainees will become empowered in the various styles of yoga, trainees will be able to lead Vinyasa class, Restorative Yoga, basic meditation and pranayama techniques. This program will equip you with skills not only in asana but also, a boundless understanding of discussion, ability to hold a community, to coach with strength and practice with graceful power. 

1.3  Structural Breakdown

Techniques, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy, Physiology, Ayurveda, Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics, Home Study & Electives, Practicum 

1.4  Materials

Infinity Integrated Manual supplied by Infinity, Yoga Mala Sri K Pattabhi Jois, The Art of Adjustments Brian Cooper, Yoga Sequencing Stephens

1.5  Prerequisites

2 years minimum practice. Yoga knowledge and good health status to be accepted onto this course. Whether you are deepening your practice or see this training as your next step forward, it is designed to ignite your passion for life. Yoga practice is part of the science of living.  

1.6  Evaluation Procedure and Grading Criteria

Continual students have evaluated worksheet tests, assignments, 2 essays.  Observational class assessment.

1.7  Course Schedule & Pricing

Part 1 - 9 Day Intensive 1-9 May 2020

Part 2 - 6 Modules run over the course of weekends:

 22/23/24 May, 5/6/7 June, 19/20/21 June,

3/4/5 July, 17/18/19 July, 31/1/2 Aug, Final Day 9 Aug

The full price of the training is £3,000. Deposit of £1,000 before 26th Nov 2019(non-refundable)

Payment plan on request. Full payment must be made before the course commences.

Early-bird discount of £2,600  full payment required before 26th Nov 2019. 

Includes a 1-month complimentary membership on receipt of full payment.

Full course payment is non-refundable once received.

(weekend Fri 18:00-22.00/Sat & Sun 06:30-17:30)

1.8 Attendance

100% attendance and participation are required. Be willing to show up and do the work to lead an empowered life.

1.9  Accreditation

Infinity Integrated has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK,  Colette Ward (SYT) is of the highest standards.

2.0 Certification

Assessments will be based on the following:

  • Completion of all required class hours
  • Completion of all over-night assignments and final essays
  • Pass grade for public/community class
  • Pass grade for all written examinations
  • Successful graduates will be awarded Certificate of Completion which they may register with UK Yoga Alliance Professionals RHY-200


1.0  Infinity Integration

Name of course:  Infinity Integrated Teacher Training & Therapeutics 

Year:   2020

Number of Modules: 9 days with 6 modules.


Meeting times & location: 18:00 -22.00 Friday, 6.30am-17.30pm Saturday & Sunday

Part 1 - 9 Day Intensive 1-9 May 2020

Part 2 - 6 Modules run over the course of weekends:

 22/23/24 May, 5/6/7 June, 19/20/21 June,

3/4/5 July, 17/18/19 July, 31/1/2 Aug, Final Day 9 Aug


11 Osborne Street, Glasgow, G1 5QN

Principal SYT: Colette Ward 

Additional Teaching Support: James Brown Voice and Confidence Coach/Yoga Teacher/ Additional Teaching Support 


1.1  Description

This foundational course combines the qualities of Hatha Vinyasa Krama/Restorative Yoga allowing versatility in teaching styles. Trainees are expected to maintain a daily yoga practice during their training.

The course will include the following areas of study:

- Asana, bandha, Drishti

- Pranayama

- Philosophy

- Anatomy

- Meditation

- Teaching methodology

- The business of yoga


1.2  Course Objectives

Trainees will become knowledgeable in the various styles of yoga

- Learn how to create an optimal opening of the body in every pose

- Observation and the art of and adjustment in asana           

- Learn Sanskrit sufficiently to led classes based on Krama theory/Classical Hot Sequence

- Trainees will be able to lead classes in basic meditation and pranayama techniques

- Study all the major joints - movements, restrictions, muscular system, physiology, postural muscles

- Trainees will become knowledgeable on the basic skills in business and marketing management

- Candidates will learn over 60 different asanas + modifications.

1.2a Ayurvedic

  • Understanding the Five Elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth)
  • The Three Doshas (3 main mind/body principles that create special mental and physical characteristics


1.3  Structural Breakdown

Techniques 108 Hours  

  •   Extended practice times for self-development
  •   Asana postures with hands-on assists for deepening awareness
  •   Asana flow sequences
  •   Meditations & Pranayamas
  •   Spiritual and energetic effects of mantras & mudras
  •   Modifications for varied levels
  •   Integrating 3 bandhas into practice
  •   Incorporating meditations into a teaching practice
  •   Comprehensive Infinity Integrated yoga teacher training manual

(SYT - All 108hrs)


Teaching Methodology 25 Hours 

  •   Multiple intelligence education
  •   The clarity in teaching language
  •   Voice coaching
  •   Qualities of an effective educator
  •   Incorporating hands-on assists & modifications ethically 
  •   Nurturing creativity in the learning process
  •   Cultivating personal style in content & delivery
  •   Business aspects of teaching yoga

(SYT - 10hrs) (15hrs - Contact hrs)


Anatomy, Physiology, Ayurveda 20 Hours 

  •   Benefits & contraindications for all techniques
  •   Effects of structural alignment on overall health
  •   Muscle and fascial physiology
  •   Avoiding common injuries in yogic practices
  •   Using props and variations to individualize practices
  •   Body-Mind-Prana relationship

(SYT - 7hrs) (10hrs - Contact hrs - 3hrs remaining class observation)

Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics 22 Hours  

  •   Personal development
  •   Cultivating spirituality through yoga
  •   Introduction to Patanjali’s yoga sutras
  •   Yogic model of self & relationship 
  •   Success as a shared path
  •   Body image in yoga
  •   Intimacy boundary
  •   Yoga Alliance Registry
  •   Insurance and liabilities


(SYT -  10hr) (12hrs - Contact 

Practicum 15 Hours

  •   Practice teaching exercises in small groups
  •   Giving and receiving feedback
  •   Co-mentoring & self-evaluation
  •   Design & teach a full yoga class in your own style

(SYT - 10hr) (5hrs - Contact hrs)


Home Study & Electives  Hours

In order to complete the Infinity Integrated 200HR Yoga Teacher Training requirements, students will receive regular homework and research assignments related to specialized areas. Students will also be required to write one research paper & second paper on their chosen subject.



The course will provide a full manual that will match the modules set out in this syllabus.  A reading list has been selected in: 


  • Ashtanga - Yoga Mala Sri K Pattabhi Jois 
  • Manuals - The Art of Adjustments Brian Cooper
  • Yoga Sequencing Stephens


Terms & Conditions Infinity Integrated 

Practice & Practical Experience

  • Students should have been practicing yoga for 2 years and have a strong practice before they embark on a teacher training course.
  • Submit a brief 250-word essay describing: "Why I want to teach yoga"  (this is to be submitted on the online application form)
  • Students who are interested in participating should bear in mind that this will be a physically and emotionally demanding program. It will require a strong commitment and personal sacrifice. We emphasize that this program may not be for everyone.


Interested students must:

  • Have a deep desire to learn and personally explore the deeper dimensions of           yoga  
  • Be free of major injuries going into the teacher training program 
  • Have an open coachable attitude 
  • Be fully committed and understand that 100% full attendance is required 
  • Be willing to forgo most other personal or professional commitments for the duration of the program 
  • I have read the required readings and homework submission below prior to the beginning of the course.


Homework Submission Prior to Start of Course


Light on Life – Write a 250 essay highlighting what you found to be the most insightful or inspiring aspect of this book



  • Students must submit an online application with £1,000 deposit to register 
  • Your submitted application will be processed and reviewed 
  • You will be notified of approval by email within 3-5 working days
  • The full fee should be paid no later than 30 days before the beginning of the course.
  • Early bird discount only applies to 26th Nov 2019. Full payment is required & is non-refundable.
  • Applications will be taken on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
  • Reserving the right to refuse a place to students who have not paid their full fees by the required date.
  • The fees must be paid in full and any private sessions paid for before a graduation certificate will be issued.

What fees include/ what is not included



  • Training and assessment by a qualified Yoga Alliance Professionals SYT
  • A full manual and other appropriate paperwork


Not included:

  • Flights, accommodation, and food for yourself
  • Insurance (you can get this from Yoga Alliance Professionals for just £10)* If you reside in the UK or £20 if you reside in Ireland
  • A certificate (paying the fees do not guarantee you a certificate as you will need to successfully pass all assignments and attend a minimum of 100% the course.

Refund Policy Guidelines

Payment Deposit Dates

  • Deposit paid on application
  • This is non-refundable if accepted,  Valid refunds are subject to £100 processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.
  • Installment Payments
  • (6-month installment available, terms and conditions apply. Further details will be sent to you upon acceptance into the program.)

Student Pulling Out of Course

  • Students are advised to consider that once applications are made a medical letter is required for any cancellations. This must be submitted 30 days prior to the training date.
  • A 50% refund on fees, not including the deposit(non-refundable) will be returned to the student after £100 processing fee has been deducted.


Procedure on how to make a cancellation

  • Cancellation must be in writing and a copy of a medical letter should also be attached.
  • Cancellation letter to Colette Ward, 11 Osborne Street, Glasgow, G1 5QN no later than 30 days before the course commences.

During the Course:

- Students undergoing this course must be fully committed and understand that 100% full attendance is required. They must also be willing to forgo most personal or professional commitments for the duration of the program – only with 100% attendance and completion of the course will students receive a certificate. Should there be any problems with this, students must speak with the faculty prior to the course/at any point issues arise and only under very special circumstances will it be considered. 

- Re-sitting any assignments (additional charges for this)

- Expectations regarding the daily practice of students

  • Extensions granted if the student is unable to complete the requirements due to unforeseen circumstances. Approach SYT involved discussing.  Logistics of re-arranging the classroom modules. 


Cancelation of Course:

- Course leaders reserve the right to cancel the course at any point. Related circumstances. A refund of 90% will be given if the course has to be canceled.

Complaints Procedure

There are three stages that you can follow to try to resolve the issue.  We will always try to resolve any complaint as soon as possible.

You may wish to involve an advocate, friend or someone else to support you at any stage.  If you need a sign language or community language interpreter, please let the person dealing with the compliant know and every reasonable effort will be made to provide it.

Stage One:

Speak to the individual(s) concerned and try to resolve the complaint informally on the day.

If you are not satisfied with the response you have received, try to resolve the issue by following stage two.

Stage Two:

Outline the details of your complaint by letter or email and send it to the person who will investigate the complaint.

Your complaint will be acknowledged within 3 working days from the date it is received.  The response will contain the following information:

  • Name of the person who will investigate the complaint
  • The date(s) that the incident happened
  • What support you can expect to receive during the process of the complaint
  • An expected response date

In fairness to all parties and to ensure the investigator is able to investigate the complaint in an open and meaningful way, we cannot guarantee your anonymity.  In exceptional cases, however, where a vulnerable adult is involved, in accordance with national guidelines and good practice the identity of individuals at risk with being protected.

When the person(s) who are dealing with the complaint, have had an opportunity to review it, they will write to the tutor or person about whom the complaint has been made.  The letter will outline the main elements of your complaint and ask for a full written response.

At this point, if further relevant information comes to light, you may be asked for your comments to ensure the investigator has a balanced understanding.  When your response has been received, the investigator will consider all the information available to them and make a decision.

The response will include the following information:

  • Details of the investigation
  • A decision about whether the complaint was upheld or not
  • The reason for the decision
  • The redress, if appropriate, which will be offered to you, for example, an apology, additional help or directing you to other sources of advice or support
  • Any other action that may be taken in light of the complaint
  • If it is not possible to provide a full answer to your complaint within 30 working days, the letter will outline the reasons why and give a date by which a full answer is expected.