Colette  Ward

Colette began her career as a Complementary/Sports Remedial therapist. It led her to work alongside osteopaths & chiropractors from all over the world, giving her a totally different insight into the body. While working abroad she was introduced to Iyengar Yoga.

Her passion grew quickly when she found herself based in Jersey CI and was introduced to Bikram Yoga, later qualifying as a teacher in 2001, it helped her to rebalance a malalignment within her neck area. Under the guidance of a senior Iyengar teacher, she was taught yoga therapeutics and later her travels took her to Asia and this is where Colette believes her eyes were opened to the world of yoga, ayurvedic medicine, and her favorite Yin Yoga. She spent 8 years working and training in and around Singapore, trained and worked with an ayurvedic doctor for prescribed Dosha classes and returned home to open Infinity in 2013.

Colette's passion for anatomy has found its perfect marriage with pilates and yoga. She teaches with a light-hearted attitude, "Give yourself time, turn up and be yourself, always keep your sense of humor in class."



James  Brown

Has been doing fitness classes for over 20 years. A lower back problem led him to Body Balance then onto Bikram Yoga.

His first hot class was in a studio in Jersey and since then he has practiced in studios in London, Manchester, Brighton, New York, and Miami.

Jamie trained as a Hot Yoga Teacher with Absolute Hot Yoga in Thailand and is now a fully certified Yoga Alliance teacher.

He is also a trained facilitator, mediator, coach and has studied counseling. He is a management trainer and delivers personal development workshops on Assertiveness, Confidence Building, having Difficult Conversations, Coaching Skills for Managers, Equality, and Diversity, Managing stress and many others.

He has been a member of the Infinity team since the studio opened in January ‘13. 

Steph Green

Steph trained in one of London’s top drama schools to pursue a career in acting and found the industry was much tougher than I had anticipated. During the three years, she gradually began to lose confidence in herself and the stress of the course became quite overwhelming. In her second year, a yoga studio opened locally so she took advantage of every offer going and attended as many classes as her student income would allow. After a few classes, she noticed a huge difference not just physically but mentally. She had so much energy and found calmness and clarity when dealing with tricky or nerve-wrecking situations which are something you are faced with daily when starting out in this industry.

In February 2015 she decided to take her yoga further and headed to teacher training in Australia to study with Jimmy Barkan. Steph is so excited to be sharing this sequence with you all and hopes it inspires you to take time out of your busy lives and focus on yourself. You deserve it.


Jamie McFadden

Jamie believes the yoga room is a sanctuary to be yourself and discover yourself.

He was introduced to yoga in 2012 practicing the classical hot sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. With this as a foundation, he moved on to Infinity to explore other sequences and the freedom of vinyasa flow.

In 2014 Jamie completed his training in Thailand with Absolute Yoga and has since been leading classes in hot yoga, vinyasa, and restorative.

Jamie teaches with a focus on alignment and a light-hearted and encouraging approach, especially when it comes to more challenging pose like arm balances.


Lola Garden

Lola began practicing yoga in 2012 and used her practice as a way to feel free in her head, mind, and body. She says the discipline and dedication required has helped her grow into a more positive human being.

In 2017 Lola became one of the first students to graduate from the Infinity Teacher Training program and has developed a teaching style that is strong, energetic, compassionate and caring.

 “Yoga makes me feel free, full of possibilities and strong in mind and body” 

Lola is also the creative talent responsible for the quotes and beautiful artwork in the studio.




Robyn Kennedy


Sarah Reid

Sarah started yoga in 2010 in London. She noticed the benefits it brought to stilling her mind from the stresses of her day job.

In 2017, Sarah became a graduate of the first SITA 200hr Vinyasa in Glasgow. Since then she has completed a 300hr Seasonal Yin with Clare Gates Sjoblam at Chi Therapeutics.

Sarah's yoga studies parallel her career in science, her BSc in Biology/Biochemistry, an MSc in Forensic science - yes she will forever be the student. Her science career has taken her all over the UK.  In her day job, Sarah deals with DNA and body fluids associated with criminal investigations. Can we have a WOW!