We asked our students how their practice makes them feel...........


I was quite a skeptic when I started yoga. Just excited to start something new and a way to meet up with a friend who started before me. from only a month's practice, I already felt the positive impact on me personally, which I never expected to happen. I became more emotionally stable/independent/strong. I learned to accept things better for how they were, but not in a passive way. It gave me more room to work on things. I learned to learn from stuff I would like to do differently instead of avoiding them and move on. Before I started to practice yoga, I suffered from mild back pain. After one of the yin practices I felt much more flexible, I felt I could turn my head back and actually look behind me.  ∞ Lisa Van de Driest


Tuned in & so relaxed      ∞      Fiona McLarty

I feel alive, amazing every time      ∞     Dani Richardson

My heart and the way I feel it beat      ∞      Ricky Huxby

Purposeful        ∞      Robyn Kennedy

Whole again    ∞      Shona MacLean

My practice makes me feel brave        ∞       Catriona Coyle

It's my little bit of oblivion      ∞        Martin Fitzsimmons


Every time I practice it's like I completely reset my mindset and leave any daily stresses behind me.

Afterward, I'm more positive, focused and energized. I can leave knowing that I'm taking time for me, working on myself &

becoming stronger mentally & physically. And I have fun whilst doing it!!        ∞    Ellie Richie


Settled & Spacious    ∞    Katy Smith

Infinity is my favorite place in the world    ∞     Evie Calderhead

Human    ∞     Sara Barton

Motivated    ∞    G Brown

(This one made us smile)     Just Great!    ∞     S Hunter

Awake    ∞    Anna H

Calm    "Wednesday 10 am class rocks"    ∞     Adeeb


Like I understand myself a little better with every practice      ∞     Tony Donachy


I absolutely love this place 💖. Every class unique - all allow you to challenge yourself, so much support and encouragement from the amazing yoga instructors to push yourself. At the same time, poses are broken down to allow you to progress and develop ar your own pace. Great work out for not only the body but does wonders for the mind. Definitely one of my favorite places to be  ∞   Pamela Hardie


I only wish you did a drive home service....I have left each class feeling amazing and so relaxed, even after a challenging routine, that extra effort has been needed to go back to the outside world and face the drive home
Each class I have attended so far has been slightly different, which is good to mix things up a little,  instructors have been excellent
Nice small, calming space to find your inner Yogi #topmarks    ∞   Nicola Thomas


Absolutely love this place. I'm always welcomed with a warm and personal greeting... It's the little things that make this place so special. The room temperature is perfect and the place is filled with wonderful positive messages. I totally recommend it.   

∞    Jodey Hughes